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Life Coach Vs Therapy

Life Coaching helps a person examine their life choices with a more in depth perspective. Once our mental blocks, internal challenges and limiting beliefs are unlocked, we develop new found sense of energy and enthusiasm. 

What Life Coach Is and Isn't 

*Please note: Life Coaching is not therapy or counselling. Life coaching cannot diagnose/treat mental health disorders

Point 1

Counselling aims to heal and treat, while coaching is oriented towards health, potential and wholness. 

Point 2

Counselling emphasizes healing the past and releasing pain, while life coaching helps you focus on future and motivates you to pursue your passion and dreams.

Point 3

Counsellor is perceived as someone who offers insights and intervention, while a life coach is regarded as a partner and guide.

Point 4

Counsellor helps reinstate functionality and stability in your life, while a life coach helps you progress on your life path and discover your own calling. 

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